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Our Summer Camp workshops for kids promote emotional growth, problem-solving, and self-discovery through fun activities. Thes

Cloth Art:

Velvet Art Backpacks

Velvet Art Posters


Gift baskets

Color Your Super Cape

Color Bucket Hats

Design Umbrella

Decorate Your Backpack

Make a Puppet

Make Your Own Quilt

Decorate Keychains

Color Your Cube Puzzle

Tye Dye Tshirt


Wood Art:


Color A Keepsake Box


Plastic Art:

Water bottles

Color Bracelets Your Way


Paper Art:

Door hinges


Make A drum



Flower Pots

Tile Coasters

Piggy Banks

Paint Sea Animals

Decorate Your Own Mug


Paint Your Canvas:

Choose Your Theme

..and so much more!

Serving Kids Of All Ages

Check Out Storytime With Child At heART School

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